About Us

Sara Uniform is leading integrated manufacture & supplies uniforms with more than 20 years of experience in the apparel / textile industry.
Our Mission is to offer you the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices, while providing you with outstanding customer service along the way.

How we do it

From Local and International fabric sourcing to garment sewing and delivery, every single process that goes into uniform manufacturing is
strictly controlled by us. Our fabrics are specifically manufactured to our own set of requirements and adhere to the highest textile standards
specified by the ASTM and AATCC organizations. Our color fastness requirements guarantee the highest levels of color consistency throughout future
orders, and ensure that the garment will maintain its color after extensive wearing and washing.

Uniforms production is carried out at several modern facilities; each with its own set of specialized workers and machines. Particular attention
is paid to pattern making and sizing so as to provide a better fit and to ensure the uniformity of sizes across different garments and subsequent orders.
Industry standard stitching provides for a well-built garment that can endure excessive wear and tear and that outlasts every garment in your wardrobe.
Logo application and garment branding is outsourced to professional printing and embroidery houses. Finally, strict quality control measures prior to
finishing and packaging safeguard against any defects or problems that might arise throughout the production process.

At Sara Uniform, we stand for synergy; the cooperative interaction with our customers and suppliers to share ideas concern, and future ambitions

Why choose us?

We use high quality fabrics material
In-house manufacturing according to A grade industry standards
Powerful branding application outsourced to professionals
Shortest lead times among competitors, prompt re-orders
Outstanding customer service & industry leading total guarantee